My World

Several years ago my family packed our suitcases and moved to little village in Tanzania. Having the experience of a lifetime, I wanted to share it. 
My study of art through the years contributed to my passion of photography. It wasn’t the love of capturing the light as it filtered through a small window in a village house, alighting the bride, that grew my passion for photography but rather the permission my camera gave me to step into someone else’s life for even a try to see life through their eyes and capture their experience so they could love that moment even more. 
After 7 amazing years in Tanzania (and a few cameras later) I have returned to stay in Canada.  I found that here, too, I can step into another world, YOURS, look around to the things you love and capture the light, extending the enjoyment of the moment, to be remembered for a lifetime. 

        -Shaleah Priebe

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